Immigrant Visa

There are various ways to get an immigrant visa, but in this article we will only be referring to the immigrant visa process through a family relationship. If you are considering starting your immigrant visa application to become a Lawful Permanent Resident of the United States, but are not sure whether you should apply, give us a call. Watch this client video testimonial, and see for yourself why should you trust us with your case.

Immigrant Visa

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How to file an immigrant visa for a family member? First your family member must have an approved family immigration petition. Learn more about Family Immigration Petitions. Second, you will need to find out if there is an immigrant visa available for that family member. Some family members, such as spouses or children of U.S. citizens, can file any time. Others, need to wait until a visa becomes available. Learn more about immigrant visa availability.

If a visa is available to you, you may apply for your visa by:

Adjustment of Status: This term refers to the process of becoming a permanent resident while in the United States without having to return to your home country. There are several restrictions as to who can apply for a green card inside the United States.
Consular Process: This term refers to the process of obtaining your immigrant visa at an American consulate abroad, and your green card upon been inspected and admitted into the United States.

What information and documents do I need to submit with my immigrant visa application? At your consultation, we will give you a customized checklist of all the information and documents you will need to include with your application. Below is a general list:

Personal Information: includes information about you, your parents, your spouse and children, places of residency, travel information, and your education and employment history;
Identification Documents: include birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, Passports, Visas, and pictures;
Criminal Record: any criminal history or a police clearance;
Medical Examination: a medical examination by an immigration authorized physician. This generally includes a review of your medical history, physical exam, and vaccination record. It may also include additional tests; and,
Affidavit of Support: Your petitioner will have to sign this official document to become financially responsible for you. This person is often called your sponsor, and sometimes you may need more than one sponsor when filing for your green card.

Will a criminal record or damaging past immigration history affect myCall us first with your Immigrant Visa Green Card process? Most likely. If you have a criminal record or have violated any immigration laws, you should consult with us before you file any immigration application. You may need an immigration waiver to overcome these issues before you become a permanent resident. Learn more about immigration waivers.

What happens after you file an immigrant visa application? At some point you will be scheduled for an interview with an immigration officer. Whether you are applying for Adjustment of Status or Consular Process, Attorney Zulma Lopez will prepare you in advance of your interview so that you know what to expect and feel more comfortable at your interview. If your application is approved, you should receive your Green Card in the mail.

We will monitor your case to make sure it is within the normal processing time, and will make sure it is on the right track for a favorable decision on your behalf. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website is also a great resource to learn more about the visa process.

Can I travel as a Legal Permanent Resident? Yes, you are allowed to travel. However, long trips of six months to a year or longer may put you at risk of losing your permanent residence.

Need help with an Immigrant Visa?

We help with Immigrant VisaFiling an immigrant visa application can be an overwhelming process. You may be about to relocate to another country and start a new life, or you may have been waiting for your visa to become available for many years. Do not let an inexperienced attorney handle your case. Filing an incomplete or untimely application could result in you spending years trying to get your immigration case approved. Let us handle the technical part of your immigration case so that you can continue to work on the things that most matter to you. Let us help you with your case today.