Immigration Waiver I-601A

ATTENTION: The Department of Homeland Security announced an important expansion to the provisional waiver program that will go in effect on August 29th, 2016. This new rule expands the provisional waiver protections to include relatives of Lawful Permanent Residents, among other important changes. Lopez Immigration will update this article to reflect this new rule and how you could benefit from it on August 29th, 2016.

Can I file my immigration waiver I-601A without leaving the United States? This immigration waiver is for you if your husband or wife is a United States citizens, but you entered the country without a visa. If eligible, you can file this immigration waiver without leaving the United States until your waiver is approved. This is a great waiver that promotes family unity during the long and complicated path to getting your Green Card. Atlanta Immigration Attorney, Zulma Lopez, has the experience you need in preparing your immigration waiver. Watch this client video testimonial, and see for yourself why should you trust her with your case.

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Can I apply for an Immigration Waiver Form I-601A? You must:Immigration Waiver I-601A

  • be present in the United States;
  • be at least 17 years old;
  • have an approved have an approved Family Immigration Petition as an Immediate Relative of a United States citizen;
  • pay the Department of State immigrant visa processing fee;
  • Not have criminal or immigration violations; and,
  • Show that your United States citizen spouse or parent will suffer extreme hardship if your waiver is denied.

What documents should I include with my Immigration Waiver, Form I-601A? The most important documents are the ones that prove that your U.S. citizen spouse or parent will suffer extreme hardship if your waiver is denied. You should accompany a personal statement from them, and also include any evidence of medical conditions, financial difficulties, or any other evidence that show extreme hardship. This leads us to your next question.We can help with immigration waiver I-601A

How do I prove Extreme Hardship for my Immigration Waiver, Form I-601A? You should offer immigration a complete picture of your family dynamics and how not having family unity will severely impact your U.S. citizen spouse or parent. Although medical conditions are one of the best way to show extreme hardship, financial considerations, educational hardship, family ties, and personal factors can also be used to prove your immigration waiver case.

At Lopez Immigration, we will go over your family circumstances in detail to provide you with a customized checklist of documents in support of your application. Every family has a unique story, and we will work together with you and your family to put together a substantial application in your favor. Call Us Today. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website is also a great resource to learn more about the provisional waiver.

My Immigration Waiver I-601A was denied, may I re-apply? Yes, particularly if your immigration waiver was denied because you did not convince immigration of the extreme hardship. An experienced immigration attorney would be able to guide you and help you prepare a solid immigration waiver application. Do not risk getting a denial, and wasting your time and money. If your waiver I-601A was denied because of your criminal record, you may able to file for a different immigration waiver. Learn more about your options.
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If you are living in the United States without status, it could be very scary to go to your home country to obtain a visa. Before this immigration waiver became available, your only option was to wait outside the United States for a long time before been allowed to come back in to reunite with your family. This is still the only option for individuals who have a criminal record or other immigration issues. The best part of the immigration waiver I-601A is that you will not have to leave the United States while you wait for a decision. It may still be scary to go home to get your visa, but once your immigration waiver gets approved, your case may move quicker and smoother. Filing an immigration waiver may be intimidating. Schedule a consultation with us today.