Marriage Visa

Congratulations, you found the one! Now you are wondering, how do I apply for a marriage visa for my husband or wife? A family immigration petition Form I-130 will be the first step in his or her immigration journey. The most important thing you will need to prove to immigration is that your marriage is genuine. In other words, that you did not married this person to help them get an immigration benefit, status or immigration papers. Easy you may be thinking. You have your marriage certificate and pictures of the wedding to prove it! You should consider that immigration officers will try to find inconsistencies in your petition and testimony, as part of their efforts to prevent fake marriages. Watch this client video testimonial, and see for yourself why should you trust us with your case.

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What documents do I submit with Form I-130 when filing for my husband or wife? At your consultation, we will give you a checklist of the documents you will need to be successful. Keeping in mind that you need to prove a good faith marriage, you will need your marriage certificate, and any divorce decrees if applicable. Also important are documents such as mortgage deeds, lease contracts, joint bank accounts, insurance policies, filed taxes, and utility bills. Evidence of the birth of a child or other significant milestone are great ways to prove your case. Affidavits from relatives or friends, pictures, and evidence of your courtship make your application stand out as unique. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website is also a great resource to learn more about filing a marriage visa.

How do I get a marriage visa for my husband or wife? 

If you are a United States citizen and your spouse is in the United States, he or she might be able to file for Adjustment of Status without leaving the country. If this is your case, you will both be scheduled to appear at an interview with an immigration officer who will review your applications and decide your case. We will guide you throughout this application process, and prepare you in advance so that you know what to expect and which documents to bring to your immigration interview.

If your husband or wife is outside of the United States, he or she may start Consular Process after your family immigration petition is approved. This means that your spouse will file for the marriage visa in his or her home country and attend an interview at the corresponding U.S. consulate or embassy. Read more about Green Cards.

If you are a Lawful Permanent Resident petitioning for your husband or wife, a visa will not be immediately available for your spouse to begin his or her Green Card process. However, sending the family immigration petition is the first step in getting your spouse a marriage visa.

For marriages of less than two years, the green card will have an expiration date of two years. Learn how to obtain a ten-year permanent resident card by removing the conditions on your residency status.

Attorney Zulma Lopez can help you with your immigration case from beginningNeed help with Marriage Visa application to end in any of the above-mentioned scenarios. She will guide you every step of the way starting with your family petition, marriage visa, marriage visa interview, and up to the time your spouse is granted Lawful Permanent Resident status.

Need help with a Marriage Visa?

Good supporting evidence is crucial when filing for a marriage visa. You should also consider potential pitfalls and prepare for your immigration interview. If you need help with your marriage visa application, schedule your consultation today. Do not risk filing an incomplete application and wasting your time and money. At Lopez Immigration, we will  guide you every step of your immigration journey.