Remove Conditions I-751

How do I have remove conditions on my residency, Form I-751? If your marriage was less than two years when you became a permanent resident, you received a two-year permanent resident card. To continue to be a resident and to get your ten-year card, you need to remove conditions on your residency by filing Form I-751 within the 90-days before the two-year expiration date on your current green card. This two-year conditional period intends to avoid fake marriages. Watch this client video testimonial, and see for yourself why should you trust us with your case.Remove Conditions I-751

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What documents to include with Form I-751? First, be mindful that you will need to show that you were married in “good faith” and not to obtain an immigration benefit. Documents showing joint financials such as bank accounts, filed taxes, insurance policies, and utility bills are great ways to support this petition. Mortgage or lease agreement also prove a solid marriage. You should also include any evidence of the birth of a child or other significant milestone, and affidavits from relatives and friends.

NOTE: If you have a criminal record you should always consult with us before filing your to remove conditions on your residency. Criminal arrests or convictions could severely impact your immigration status. Contact us today.

Can I file to remove conditions on my residence if I am divorced? Yes, but know that you will have to submit strong evidence that your marriage was genuine. If this is your case is best to hire an experience immigration attorney. Contact us today.

Can I file to remove conditions on my residence if I am separated? Yes, but you will have to submit a divorce decree before the conditions on your residence can be removed. If this is your case, you need strategic guidance on how to file to remove conditions on your permanent residence. Do not risk lRemove Conditions I-751osing your permanent resident status, call us today.

Will I be interviewed after filing to remove conditions on my residency? Most likely, but Attorney Zulma Lopez will prepare you for this immigration interview in advance so that you know what to expect, and feel more comfortable at your interview. However, if you submit an application with strong supporting documents, this interview may be waived and the I-751 approved without an interview.

What happens if I don’t file to remove conditions on my residency? You will no longer have status in the U.S. and you will be put in deportation proceedings with the Immigration Court. Learn more about this process by visiting the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website.

Conclusion To avoid losing your permanent residence you should file a petition to remove conditions on your residency with strong supporting evidence. Do not risk letting your current status expire or worse been put in deportation proceedings schedule a consultation today.