U Visa

Can I apply for a U-Visa? You can apply for a U Visa if you meet the following criteria:

  • You were the victim of a qualifying crime in the United States;
  • You suffered physical or mental harm as a result of this crime; and,U Visa
  • You have information about the criminal activity and were helpful with law enforcement officials, or are cooperating with the police in its investigation of this crime.

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What are the crimes covered by U Visas? If you have suffered from any of the following crimes, or even its attempt or conspiracy, you may be able to petition for a U Visa:

Rape – Involuntary servitude – Torture – Slave Trade – Trafficking – Kidnapping – Incest – Abduction – Domestic Violence – Unlawful criminal restraint – Sexual Assault – False imprisonment – Abusive Sexual Contact – Blackmail – Forced Prostitution – Extortion – Sexual Exploitation – Manslaughter – Female genital mutilation – Felonious assault – Being held hostage – Witness tampering – Peonage – Obstruction of justice – Perjury

What documents do I need to include with my U Visa Petition? First, you will need to get the police or law enforcement in your county to sign the U Visa Certification that is essential to all U Visa applications. This document confirms that you were helpful with the crime investigation. Once you have this certification signed, you can move forward with the application. To show you helped the police or law enforcement with its investigation, you may include police reports, protection orders, and your court testimony. To show physical and/or emotional suffering you may include a report from your doctor, hospital records, medications list, psychological evaluations, and pictures. A personal statement explaining what happened in your own words, and how this traumatic experience has affected your day to day life is also essential. Let us help with your u visa case.

NOTE: If you have a criminal record or past immigration violations, you should consult with us before filing your U Visa application. Do not file an application without calling us first.

What are the benefits of applying for a U Visa Petition?

Work Permit – Social Security Number – Driver’s License

You may be able to become a Lawful Permanent Resident after your U Visa is approved.

Can I include my family in my U Visa Petition? Yes, if you are under 21 years old, your parents, spouse, unmarried children, and single brothers and sisters under 18, may benefit from your U Visa Petition. If you are 21 years old or older, only your spouse and unmarried children may benefit from your U Visa Petition.

Need help with applying for a U Visa?

The U Visa was created so that undocumented individuals would not fear reporting crimes to the police for fear of deportation.  If you were the victim of a crime, let us help you today. At Lopez Immigration, we offer competitive prices and payment plans to fit your budget. The longer you wait the harder it could get to obtain the police certification. Let us take it from here, watch a video testimonial!